Persistence and Patience
I Want to Thank Myself
Long Trip Home
Lorraine's Special Day
A Miserable Day (More Added)
Dog Bite Leads to Baptism
Accident in Soweto
Just Like You
There Was Something Special
Please Don't Give Up on Us
Birthday Wish
He Wanted to Bear Testimony
Angels Have Answered My Prayers
Conversion of Khomotso Mopai
Twenty-Seven Year Conversion
War Delayed Baptism
Margaret's Search for the Church
A Missionary from Jordan
Rain in Morelig
We Need a Chinese Book of Mormon
Angel from Zimbabwe
The New Shack
Was the Referral a Hoax?
Was it the Wrong or Right Address?
Just Fifteen Minutes to Tract
The Power of the Book of Mormon
Referral from a Drunken Man
Each Life that Touches Ours
A Simple Act of Service
Distant Baptism Date
New Elders' Quorum President
He Ran to His Baptism