Just Like You


Elder Grochmal and Elder Crandall were street contacting in Sandton, one of the richest cities in the southern hemisphere, and having no success. Although polite, the people had no time to discuss religion.  They wondered if there was something more valuable to do with their time.  Shortly thereafter, a lady walked by and Elder Grochmal had a strong impression to talk to her.  As the Elders introduced themselves to her, she said, “My husband was just like you.”  Seeing that they thought she was referring to another church, she added, “With a name badge just like yours.”  She introduced herself as Shaheema.  They made an appointment to visit her and her husband. 


Shaheema had been raised in a non-Christian religion.  Her husband had served a mission in the South Africa Cape Town Mission but had grown less active.  Although it took six months, Shaheema was baptized and her husband reactivated.  Their family is now enjoying the blessings of the gospel, because two missionaries followed the Spirit and were placed in the path of someone prepared to receive the gospel.