The Conversion of Khomotso Mopai


Elder Tew and Elder McCashland believe that the Lord led them to Khomotso Mopai.  They met him on the street not long after teaching his brother and sister-in-law.  They asked him for his contact details so they could share the message of the Restoration with him.  Later, he told them that his initial thought was to give them a wrong number and send them on their way.  For some reason he felt compelled to give them the correct phone number.  An appointment was soon set.


Following the first appointment, Elders Tew and McCashland called to follow up.  They found that he had read in the Book of Mormon and prayed about what he had read.  Although heavily involved in another church, he couldn’t suppress the feelings he was experiencing.  He said something had opened up inside of him and he couldn’t deny the truth any longer.


The night before he was to attend church for the first time, Khomotso had a dream.  In the dream he was walking through the shopping center in Lenyenye when he saw Mary Mabela.  She had been one of his leaders in the creche (day care) at the church he attended as a youth.  In the dream, they talked for a few minutes and went their separate ways.


Upon entering the church the following day, the first person he met was Mary Mabela, now a member and the Relief Society President.  Once again, he felt the powerful feelings he had felt as he read the Book of Mormon.  He knew that he would join the Church.


On 20 May 2007, Khomotso Mopai was baptized.  Within weeks, he had watched 14 hours of General Conference, watched all of the Church History DVD’s, read Our Search for Happiness and many Liahonas, taught Elders’ Quorum and accompanied the missionaries on many appointments.


Khomotso summed up his conversion in one simple sentence, “All people need to do is take the time to read and pray and they will come to know, as I have, that these things are true.”