Birthday Wish


The sister missionaries serving in Gaborone, Botswana stopped by to visit a 15-year old boy who was investigating the Church.  They learned that because his sister had just had a baby, everyone had forgotten his birthday.  The Sisters promised that they would bring him something for his birthday on Monday.  They made brownies and took them to his house.  They asked his mother if she had any candles.  She had none.  The boy’s grandfather then stood up and with some difficulty gave the boy some change from his pocket.  The boy ran to the nearest tuck shop (street vendor’s stand) and returned with one large candle.  The Sisters lit the candle and sang “Happy Birthday”.  The Sisters reported that they had never seen anyone happier.  As he blew out the candle, they heard his quiet wish: “One day, I hope I can be just like the missionaries.”