Each Life that Touches Ours for Good


Sister Peterson was recently transferred to the Three Rivers Ward in Vereeniging. There she met a sister, named Ursha, who had lost her husband and baby daughter in an automobile accident two months before. Ursha asked Sister Peterson if she knew the mostly unknown and difficult hymn, Lean on My Ample Arm. Sister Peterson who is a music major had learned this hymn in her music theory class at BYU. Ursha explained that she would sing hymns to her daughter as she lay critically injured in hospital. On the day her daughter had died, she had cried out to God for comfort and had been given this hymn a hymn she had not heard or known before. Sister Peterson then sang this song to Ursha who wept quietly. Ursha then bore her testimony of the atonement, the resurrection and of the tender mercies of God. Sister Peterson knew she was meant to be there.