War Delayed Baptism


Yesib found the Church in the Ivory Coast. He was taught the gospel by missionaries and had decided to be baptized. Unfortunately, before he could be baptized, war broke out in the Ivory Coast and the missionaries were pulled out of the country and missionary work suspended.


As war raged in the Ivory Coast, Yesib also decided he must leave. In each new place he moved he looked for the Church. Finally, after moving to South Africa, he overheard a member of the Church in Rosettenville telling others about the Church. Since that day, Yesib has attended Church weekly. One Sunday, the taxi he normally takes to church left him without transportation. Rather than miss church, Yesib walked for four hours until he found the Church.


Yesib has been re-taught the Gospel this time in English. Now three years later, his desire to be baptized has been realized.