Margaret’s Search for the Church


One Saturday, the Elders in Randfontein had been out teaching with the branch mission leader. After finishing their teaching, they drove him home.  As they arrived at his house, the mother of the branch mission leader (who is not a member) came out and said she had someone for them to meet.  So they went in and met Margaret.  This is what they learned:


Three years ago, Margaret had been visited by missionaries but they had stopped coming after two visits.  Now three years later, Margaret had decided to find the church that the missionaries had told her about.  She bought her daughters new dresses and told them that they would look all over Randfontein to find the church.  One daughter asked “How are we going to find this church, we have no idea where it is!”  To which the Margaret replied, “God will help us find the way.” 


Margaret began to question her friends.  That very night she asked the branch mission leader’s mother if she knew of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The mother answered excitedly, “That is the church my kids go to!”  It was about this time that the missionaries drove up to drop off the branch mission leader.  Neither the missionaries nor Margaret have any doubt that God had helped Margaret and her daughters find the way.