There was Something Special


I had the pleasure of interviewing Thabiso Direko for baptism.  I asked him how he became acquainted with the Church.  He said, “I was washing my car when two young men on bikes rode past me.  One of them turned around, rode back and introduced himself.  The other also came back.  Always before when people from various religions had asked to talk to me, I have turned them down.  But this time I felt there was something special about these to young men and I invited them into my house.” 


Later, I learned from the missionaries their account of this day.  It was Elder Nyenyezi’s first day in Bloemanda.  Elder Sederholm had suggested that they go to a certain area to tract.  As they rode their bikes toward that area, they passed a man washing his car.  Elder Nyenyezi said, “The Spirit whispered to me, ‘Go back to that man you just passed.’”  He turned around and headed back.  Elder Sederholm had a similar feeling and soon followed.  Although hesitant at first, the man invited them into his house.


Thabiso and his family were baptized eight weeks later.  The Spirit had led two missionaries to a man prepared by the Spirit to receive the Gospel.