The Elders who are assigned to Bethlehem sent me this inspiring experience:


We had asked the Lord to prepare people in Morelig (a section of Bethlehem) and to lead us to those He had prepared.  On Sunday evening we got to Morelig at 7:45 pm.  Just as we parked the car, it began pouring rain.  We kind of laughed and asked ourselves, “Are we in the wrong place or is this a test of our faith?”  We decided to take an umbrella and tract a short street.  Just as we began walking away from the car, the rain stopped.  We felt like the Lord was telling us, “Atta boys.”  We tracted that small street of ten houses or so.  Twenty-five minutes later, we arrived back at the car.  We had made three return appointments with large families.  They all seemed very promising and excited to have us back.  We had found fourteen new investigators in twenty-five minutes of tracting.  It didn’t rain the whole time we were tracting.  When we got back in the car, it began pouring again.  As we drove back to our flat, we couldn’t help knowing that this is the Lord’s work and we are just instruments in His hands.