Persistence and Patience


The Elders in Vereeniging met a woman when they went to teach one of her relatives.  They set an appointment with her.  On their first appointment, the lesson went very well.  However, on the next appointment, the woman asked many questions that had obviously come from an anti-Mormon source.  Just as the Elder’s were about to answer her questions, her husband returned home very drunk.  He was very rude to the missionaries and accused them of “being sent by Bush to launch the new Bible.”  It was impossible to try to answer his wife’s questions.


On the third visit, they offered to answer her questions.  She said, “It doesn’t matter now, I prayed and I know what you have taught me is true.”  However, this visit was also interrupted by the return of her inebriated husband.  Once again, he was very abusive to the missionaries.  The Elders became worried they would not be able to nurture her testimony because of her husband.  However, they persisted and returned again.  This time the husband was sober.  He asked, “Why do you keep coming when I have treated you so badly? I must hear what you have to say.”


Although he did not accept as quickly as his wife and he struggled to overcome his drinking, he eventually gained a testimony and prepared for baptism.  He, his wife and three children became members of the Church because of the persistence and patience of two fine missionaries.