Accident in Soweto


The 21st of December 2006 was a day the Elders in Soweto wished they could forget.  As they drove through Soweto, a 6-year old boy darted in front of their car and was hit.  He appeared seriously hurt and was taken to the Baragwaneth Hospital.  The missionaries, and especially the driver, were deeply troubled and had difficulty concentrating on their missionary work.


The next day the missionaries went to the hospital to see the boy.  They learned his name was Sandile.  He did not look good.  The nurses told the missionaries that Sandile was lucky to have survived the accident and may have permanent brain injuries.  The driver began to cry as he heard this.  The boy’s father comforted the missionary.  The Elder asked the father if the missionaries could give Sandile a priesthood blessing.  After explaining the purpose of priesthood blessings, they asked the father who he would like to be the voice of the blessing.  The father chose the Elder who had been driving the car.


The Elder reported that during the blessing he felt the calming influence of the Spirit and was impressed to bless Sandile that he would be completely healed.  As the missionaries left the hospital the other Elders reported that they had felt the same confirming impression.


The missionaries visited Sandile on Christmas Day and gave him some small Christmas gifts.  They continued to visit him over the next few weeks.  At the beginning of February Sandile was released from the hospital completely healed.


Some months later Sandile and his family began to be taught the gospel by the missionaries in Soweto.  Whether they join the Church or not, Sandile’s family have witnessed the power of the Priesthood and felt the love and concern of dedicated missionaries.