Angels Have Answers My Prayers


Elder Lambert and Elder Swelindawo paid a visit to a part-family family who lived in a village outside of Mafikeng.  Living in a small one-room house were a gogo (grandmother), a mother and five children.  Both the gogo and the mother were unemployed and looking for work.  The Elders invited the family to Church.  The gogo said they couldn’t go to church because they had been robbed and had no shoes and only a few clothes.


The Elders knew they had to do something for this family.  They gathered a few clothes and shoes donated by other members and took them to the family.  The family came to church even though it took them more than an hour to walk to the building where church meetings were held.


One day the Elders were tracting on the other side of the city when they felt impressed to visit the family.  They almost didn’t go because of the distance involved.  When they arrived at the small home, the gogo invited them in.  The children’s mother was not home; she had found a job. The children seemed sad and listless.  The Elders asked the grandmother if something was wrong.  Was there something the family needed?  She sat silently for a few moments and then said no. 


As the Elder’s left, they felt they knew what was wrong.  Since the mother had just started a job after being unemployed for some months, the family had no food and would not be able to buy any until the mother’s first paycheck.  After speaking with the mission president, the Elder’s purchased R250 ($35) worth of food and took it to the family.  As the gogo looked at the food, tears of thanks ran down her cheeks. “How did you know?” she asked.  “The Lord has answered my prayers.”


The next Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting.  The whole family was there.  The mother bore a sweet testimony.  She began by saying, “Angels have answered my prayers.” 


The family continues to be blessed for their faithfulness.  Both the mother and gogo are working.  They have since moved into a slightly nicer home and they no longer go without food.  Those who were not members have been baptized.