Was it the Wrong or Right Address?


Sister Carvalho and her companion were tracting in Gaborone, Botswana.  As they passed a petrol station, they saw a group of children playing.  They spoke to the children and gave them some stickers.  As they were talking to the children, they heard someone calling, “Sisters, Sisters.”  They turned and saw a young woman, dressed quite shabbily.  The young woman told them she was interested in learning about the Church.  The Sisters said they would be happy to teach her and asked for her address.  The young woman acted strangely and seemed to think for a long time before finally giving them her address.


A few days later, Sister Carvalho and her companion went to the address they had been given.  As they arrived, they were somewhat puzzled since it was the address of a very nice and expensive looking house.  They were about to leave, thinking they had the wrong address, but decided to ring the call box.  To their surprise, they were invited in.  Inside they were greeted by a husband, mother and four children.  The husband was a banker from Zimbabwe who was in Gaborone on a temporary job assignment.  After some pleasantries, the family asked the Sisters why they had come.  They replied that a young woman who said she wanted to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had given them the address.  The father said, “No one like that lives here, but why don’t you teach us what you were going to teach her.”


The father and mother and their children were baptized and have since moved back to Zimbabwe, where they serve faithfully in the Church.