Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho )   

Landlocked mountainous country completely surrounded by South Africa


Capital                              Maseru

Form of Government        Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Legal System                     Based on English common law and Roman-Dutch law


Population                        1,865,040                         

Area                                  30,355 sq km (slightly smaller than Maryland)

Climate                             Temperate; cool to cold, dry winters; hot, wet summers


Nationality                        Basotho (Mosotho in singular)

Ethnic groups                    Sotho 99.7%, Europeans, Asians and others 0.3%

Major Languages              Sesotho, English (official) Zulu, Xhosa

Religions                            Christian 80%, indigenous beliefs 20%

Currency                           loti (LSL); South African rand (ZAR)


Life Expectancy                36.81 years

Literacy                             84.8%

GDP/capita                       $3,000

Unemployment Rate         45%