One of our fine Sisters wrote this in her weekly President’s Letter: 


Yesterday, we broke the Word of Wisdom – not on purpose of course.  A less active older lady we were teaching offered to make us some tea.  She said it was Roobios tea – but it didn’t taste like Roobios.  My companion asked if we could see the box so we could “buy some later.”  She gladly got the box and we learned we were drinking what missionaries should not be drinking.  When she left the room again, I pulled out my water bottle and drank as much of the water as I could to make room to pour in the tea.  I found it hard to pour a mug of tea into the small neck of the water bottle, so I made of bit of a mess.  But before the lady returned, I had disposed of the tea, cleaned the table with my skirt and had everything nice and tidy.


(In case you don’t know, Roobios (or Red Bush) tea is an herbal tea favored by many in Africa including many members.)