What a Week!

The following is extracted from a weekly Letter to the Mission President from one of our fine Sisters:


What a week!Letís see Ė we helped bury a dead cow, chased a hog through a field, laid in a dry bathtub in the middle of a field, baked two cakes, wrote nine letters, taught a woman on Tuesday Ė found out on Friday that she had died, taught a lesson about prophets with rats crawling on the ceiling over my head, celebrated a coupleís 40th wedding anniversary, had a 500 lb. iron gate decide to fall over and let my back break its fall, got de-wormed and de-parasited, ate cold cereal at a catered zone conference, committed 4 people to baptism, taught 18 lessons, drove 189 kís and discovered that a bag of frozen vegetables works great as an ice pack.Whew! Missionaries in Pocatello, Idaho canít be having this much fun.