The missionaries often go to a Chinese place for lunch after attending the temple. On one occasion, just as they were ordering, the police raided the restaurant demanding it be closed because the owner didnít have a passport.A Sister missionary had her camera and took a picture of the excitement.The police noticed and were not pleased.They demanded the roll of film from the Sisterís camera.She was near the end of her mission and the roll had on it some pictures that were very important to heróso she refused.They yelled at her and argued for about 20 minutes. The police finally decided that she must go with them to the police station and develop the film.So the Sister and her companion and two of the Elders got in a police car and headed for the police station.One of the Elders began to tell the police what the missionaries were doing in South Africa and said, ďSo you are harassing servants of the Lord.ĒThe police felt guilty and turned around and let the missionaries go and even let the Sister keep her film.


The police closed the restaurant and left.The owner just opened it up again and resumed his business.Thatís South Africa for you.