After a Botswana zone conference and zone activity, two sister missionaries returned to their car. While they said their goodbyes and loaded the car, they laid down their keys on the back of their car. When they went to pick up the keys, the keys were gone.  A group of young boys was playing nearby. The Sisters searched extensively for the keys and finally determined that the young boys had taken their keys.  They called the police. When the police arrived, they searched the boys and put the boys in the back of the police truck.  The senior couple serving in Botswana brought an extra set of car keys and the Sisters followed the police to the police station.


To file the police report the sisters needed their ID cards that were in the trunk (boot) of the car.  When they opened the trunk lid, they saw the “missing keys” caught in the crack when the trunk lid meets the car.  Oops!  Highly embarrassed, they apologized profusely to the police and the young boys and drove sheepishly away.